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WILOG”s MISSION to our customers will ALWAYS be to offer the highest level of Proficiency, Value and Service. This service is always changing to embrace the values of dynamic leadership through our PEOPLE to meet the needs of our clients today, and anticipating future necessities in a changing global environment.






West Indian Logistics Co. Limited


WILOG’s history encompasses over ten years of qualified brand representation bringing the world’s leading GLOBAL Air Conditioning and HVAC manufacturer’s to the markets we serve.

Over the last four years WILOG has won two prestigious Awards for the fastest growing Lennox Franchise Dealership within the Caribbean Diaspora. This award continues to facilitate the company’s mandate of providing the BEST products at the BEST prices, with industry winning after sales support and service.

We continue to develop on our strengths and work on our weaknesses to ensure the highest level of service is maintained. We have implemented quality systems geared to delivering unprecedented customer service the industries we serve.




West Indian Logistics the provider of superior quality HVAC, Air-conditioning and related  products at value levels to create wider access to Consumers within the Caribbean.


Our key strategy is to apply the most sophisticated techniques in supply chain management and manufacturing technology to bring greatest value to our customers.


The business’s primary objectives are as follows-:

  • To establish brand distributorships within the Caribbean for our products, utilizing the benefits of Caricom produced goods for these markets.
  • To maintain the highest Return on Investment by keeping overhead costs minimal.
  • Establish an annual growth rate of 25%
    • Through further divestment into other lucrative ventures (FINANCIAL SERVICES).
    • Developing our Export Markets.


West Indian Logistics Limited has identified critical strategic elements in our Business Plan necessary for the success and growth of the company -:

  • High quality products coupled with Low Cost. We are the lowest cost    producer in the market.
  • Development through R&D and business development of other Regional OEM brands to maximize the usage of our manufacturing facility while increasing profitability.
  • Enlarged access to global manufactures and distribution channels
  • Minimizing Logistics costs and procurement specialties to ensure profitability as the lowest cost producer. We have lower sale prices than our competitors as a strategic Marketing advantage.

WILOG Air Conditioning recognizes that our service deliverables is a major requirement of any client whether it is commercial or residential. Our ability to competently and expeditiously ensure that our customer service deliverables are met has positioned ourselves to be one of the region’s preferred suppliers of air-conditioning systems.

There’s no better way to maximize your HVAC investment than relying on Building Services. Our people can help you achieve high performance buildings for life through the proper selection of systems, operating conditions; maintenance and upgrade procedures that will help maximize your investment throughout the life of your building. We work to make sure that your building works better for the life of the building and the life within the building.

Lennox Commercial facilities management and high performance energy conservation measures, we have a range of programs that will keep your building performing at its best, inside and out. WILOG AIR CONDITIONING service teams are well known for their expertise in making sure you get maximum comfort and maximum efficiency from your building’s operating plant.

Working with WILOG AIR CONDITIONING to help design your HVAC system right from the start is the best way to ensure high performance for the life of your building. Our experience in analyzing, assessing and modeling critical comfort needs during the design phase means that we can help select equipment that is correctly matched with system requirements. By anticipating your operational needs over the life of your equipment, we can help ensure most efficient configuration possible, optimizing efficiency over the entire seasonal load profile while controlling total cost of ownership.

Our design and analysis toolset is nothing short of creative. With our innovative systems, we’ll help you gain the maximum usable space, lowest first cost of infrastructure and best value for your life-cycle dollar in any project.